The Crusade Continues

-- by Tom Napier

Early in February, New York area Fox News showed a six minute segment on "techno-evangelist" Dennis Lee and his free energy machines. It included interviews with a disgruntled dealer and with Charlie Doyle, formerly Lee's assistant.

Eric Krieg, his Web page, and I appeared briefly and the show contained several clips from Eric's tape of Lee's 1996 Philadelphia extravaganza, interspersed with shots of the computer animations from my recent PhACT talk. We may not have conveyed to the public the essential impossibility of Lee's aspirations but the details of his criminal record should have had some impact.

The Fox reporter managed to track Dennis down. Interviewed after one of his seminars for dealers, he denies ever having told anyone he had a working free energy machine. Then, realizing that some of that day's audience are still hanging around, he rephrases his statement to, "Until today we have never told anyone." Prompted by the reporter, one of the would-be dealers asks Lee, "We were talking about free energy machines. You don't have them or you do have?" Unfortunately, Lee's response is not shown. Let's hope that's one more check that didn't change hands.

Fox News claimed that at one time Lee had been giving $10,000 a month to a company which was trying to build flying saucers. Tough on those who had bought Lee's dealerships, but poetic justice nonetheless.

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