Dennis Lee Is Still Free But His Energy Isn't

-- an update by Eric Krieg

I have found it interesting to be the main voice of reason responding to Dennis Lee's multi-million dollar effort to get more investment money. I'm drawing ire from all sorts of claimants in cyberspace. I've just finished saying to a seller of "100 mpg magic carburetors," stop arguing with me and just tell me when you can drive a modified car down so that we can test it under the noses of press people.

I've talked to a number of Dennis's dealers who are slowly coming around and are starting to understand "the cost of having not paid attention in Science class." Immediately before writing this article, I was taped by a CNBC camera crew as part of their investigation into Dennis. (They also sounded interested in covering some of PhACT's work on Therapeutic Touch)

On July 12, to commemorate Nikola Tesla's birthday, Dennis held a big open "demonstration of free energy" in North Jersey. What he ended up showing (after long hours of political rhetoric) was a machine that ran for a few seconds. As I have tried desperately to explain to Dennis's hopeful dealers (Who have paid up to $25,000 for the right to distribute free energy machines.), my jumping up high in the air is no more a demonstration of levitation than is Dennis running a generator from a stored energy source for a few seconds. The one impressive thing Dennis has delivered is excuses for not openly proving his claims. These include:

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