PhACT Experts

Phact list of people to go for information

maintained by Eric Krieg -last changed 11-21-98

The following people are willing to be called upon if needed to provide information on subjects related to skepticism. I'd prefer to put this information in the public domain - although it wouldn't be frequently accessed.

Epistemology, Philosophy, Miracles and Mysticism Bill Wisdom, published author, professor
Pyramidology, Physics, Astronomy Tom Napier -gave talk, written articles
free energy Eric Krieg -did major study
UFO's Eric Krieg -participated in public debate
Astrology Eric Krieg -gave talk to talk
Misuse of Quantum Physics Tom Napier -made study
Therapeutic Touch Bob Glickman -conducted study
Creationism Craig Olsen - gave talk (Martin Czigler and Eric Krieg are also knowledgeable
Archeology DeeAnne Wymer -professor
Alternative Health Dr Barret
Alternative Physics Milton Rothman book writer (also Tom Napier -has degree)
Philosophy and meaning of skepticism Bill Wisdom published author, professor
Cults Fred Mitchell Former member
Zoology, toxicology David Cragin
Internet Dave Koehler and Fred Mitchell -internet experts (also Eric Krieg - Phact web master)

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