PhACT and Religion

-- a statement by the Council

In view of the allusion, in the last issue of Phactum, to a discussion on whether organized skepticism should address religious claims we, the Council of PhACT, wish to make it clear that in July, 1995, PhACT adopted an official position towards religion. It is the intention of the Council of PhACT to abide by both the letter and the spirit of this policy. As adopted, it reads:

"PhACT is not designed nor intended for the examination of religious belief systems, nor is it the intention of PhACT to demean or insult anyone or their religion. Religious faith is a personal matter and best left for individuals to decide what is appropriate for them. However, whenever an event or object is claimed to have a paranormal origin, whether religious in nature or not, we feel that claim is subject to scientific investigation and methods. Weeping statues, healings, spiritual visitations, creation stories, and other physical manifestations of supernatural events should accordingly be analyzed objectively and scientifically."

We determine that to discuss religious belief under the auspices of PhACT would be contrary to this policy.

For the Council of PhACT
Bob Glickman, President


On November 15, 1997, the Council unanimously agreed that the following is the meaning of the above policy.

"[PhACT] does not attack religions, although it may investigate specific religious claims when they are alleged to have a factual basis."

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