Monthly Lectures

Monthly lectures are usually held on the third Saturday of each month (except in the summer and December), at 2:00 PM at the Community College of Philadelphia's Main campus in Center City Philadelphia, PA. Exceptions are noted below.
NOTE: The Community College of Philadelphia is now requiring visitors to sign in with photo ID. This includes PhACT meetings. Please allow extra time when coming to meetings to complete this process.
Parking is available for $4.00 in the college parking garage on 17th St. The garage is open until 6 PM.
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PhACT thanks Dr. David Cattell and the Philadelphia Community College for providing us with an excellent meeting space.

The general public is more than welcome to attend our lectures. You do not need to be a PhACT member to attend.
For more information, contact Bob Glickman at
Executive meetings are held prior to the monthly lectures, at 1:00 p.m. Any member may attend.

Upcoming Meetings

Saturday, February 16, 2019 - SETI

Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Community College of Philadelphia, Room C2-28 Details
Speaker: Earl Bennett
The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, has gone on since it was first recognized that the planets and stars are objects like the earth and the Sun. Many techniques from history were rather limited before we had electronics and nuclear technologies. Some of the present techniques will be discussed, and the possibilities of future systems based on what have been planned by various groups and organizations. Technology developed in the last few years have not only identified over 2000 exo planets, but is getting data on their atmospheres. Latest technology to search for intelligent life now includes newer optical technology as well as radio waves .
Our speaker is Earl Bennett. He was born in Philadelphia, in 1949, and attended Drexel University. His interest in space exploration and science has lead him to join various organizations including: The SETI League, The Planetary Society, AMSAT (The Amateur Satellite Corporation), and The National Space Society, N.S.S. Earl has been President of the Philadelphia Area Space Alliance for a number of years. They promote science and technology education by performing outreach to the general public as guests of various museums and organization

Saturday, March 16, 2019 - The Workshop and the World: what ten thinkers can teach us about Science and authority

Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Community College of Philadelphia, Room C2-28 Details
Speaker: Bob Crease

"The Workshop and the World - what ten thinkers can teach us about Science and authority" is born out the current zeitgeist of frustration with what seems a growing trend of denying Science.  The following is a review of the book: 
An eloquent, timely account of what went right and what wrong in modernity when it comes to the ways in which scientific discoveries and theories were received by contemporaries. In lively recountings of telling episodes, Crease discusses a rich array of figures ranging from Francis Bacon and Galileo to Edmund Husserl and Hannah Arendt. He demonstrates how earlier forms of casting doubt on the authority of scientific findings offer clues to contemporary ways by which this authority is put in question. Speaking forcefully to the present moment, Crease spells out a series of concrete and efficacious steps by which science denial can be addressed and combated in our own time.
Bob Crease is Chair of the Department of Philosophy Stony Brook University, Columnist of Physics World, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Physics in Perspective and written or translated over a dozen books on the history and philosophy of Science and technology.  He will give a lecture on his latest book "The Workshop and the World" which will be followed by a book signing.

Saturday, May 18, 2019 - Hike to Indian Rock @ Tyler Arboretum

Time: 10 am
Location: Tyler Arboretum Details
Speaker: Don Nigroni
At Tyler Arboretum in Delaware County by the picturesque Rocky Run sits a peculiar artifact known, at least since 1907, as Indian Rock. Our guide, Don Nigroni, will relate the theories as to what Indian Rock might really be and we will discuss the local history of the Lenape and a strange document, the Walum Olum, ascribed to them. Robb Kerr will be providing botanical information about this scenic Piedmont site and Kim Sheridan will be photo-documenting the day's activities.
We will meet at the Visitor Center by the parking lot at 10:00 AM, then we will hike from the Visitor Center along the Blue Trail for one mile each way to inspect this mysterious stone. Although we may not figure out what Indian Rock really is, we will learn about the history and natural history of this Piedmont site.
Bring insect repellent, sturdy shoes, water, lunch, and a camera.
For directions to Tyler Arboretum at 515 Painter Road,Media, PA 19063, see
Admission fees will be paid by PhACT

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